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A Time To Love - Press Release

Stevie Comments on A Time To Love

Stevie Wonder - A Time to LoveStevie Wonder's highly anticipated new album, A Time To Love, arrives as a wake-up call to the restorative powers of love, and, according to Stevie, the timing couldn't be better. "My thing has never been about creating music on some sort of schedule," says Stevie. "When creating music you have to live life - be inspired by life - to create experiences that are worth sharing with the world. A Time To Love is saying that there is a need, now, more than ever, to bring love back into the forefront."

New songs including the first single, "So What The Fuss," "From The Bottom Of My Heart," and the aptly titled "Positivity," have Wonder enthusiasts already pegging the new disc as another leap in the singer/songwriter's incredible musical canon. "I'm asked all the time to talk about my work, but I don't ever compare one song against another," says Wonder. "I really do seek to create music that is timeless. I love all kinds of music, all styles. The music today - whether it's mine or another artist - is as relevant and as significant as the music from yesterday. When I sit down to write, it's all an expression of energy, and the particular song that comes is the form I choose to adapt to that energy. Each project takes on its own life, and the songs from A Time To Love are the most appropriate for the statement I wanted to make."

Fellow Motown artist, India.Arie, joins Wonder on the title song, "A Time To Love," co-writing the song with Stevie. "I gave her the concept and some of the words, and she did what she always does, her usual masterful job with the lyric presentation."

A Time To Love continues Wonder's dialogue with music fans who've come to rely on the singer/songwriter's spirited optimism. "The time is right again for this kind of conversation," says Stevie. "And we're talking about all forms of love. Love you have for a significant other. Love for a spouse, for your brother or sister, for humankind. The love of your faith. Whatever your passion is, this project was made with every level of love in mind."

As Stevie gets ready to add another album to his legacy, he muses about the mystery of creativity in a world hungering for a message. "Ever since Songs In The Key Of Life I feel it's been a blessing from God in giving me the titles, but ultimately, all songs must stand on their own. I've always written about love, but the ones that spoke to me the loudest are the ones you'll find On A Time To Love."