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A Time To Love - Press Release

May 16, 2005

STEVIE WONDER reaped the rewards of modern recording technology for his latest album - but refused to entirely turn his back on popular 1960s methods.

The SUPERSTITION singer performed some of his finest work on the now-redundant reel-to-reel recorders of yesteryear, but he's willingly turned his attention to the computer-based programmes now dominating the recording studio.

And while much of A TIME 2 LOVE - his 28th studio album - was recorded using contemporary technology, he incorporated a series of old "natural" techniques to achieve a similar sound to his past classics.

He says, "I think with this particular project I've had a lot of fun, because I understand both - technology and also the natural place. They all kind of work together. You can't not acknowledge where things are in the world. We're in the time where reel-to-reel tape is basically no more.

"I have fun using the technology and taking advantage of certain things like ProTools. When I did the backgrounds to PLEASE DON'T HURT MY BABY (from his new album) - I had a long vamp ending to the song that went on for a few minutes, and I could have pasted the voices after doing it about two or three times. But I wanted to have the live feel, so we just did it like that."