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A Time To Love - Press Release

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Stevie Wonder Reinstates Melodies, Meaningful Messages - Time to Love

Jojo Panaligan

At a time when the soul in R&B music has degenerated to sassy sampled beats and sultrier-than-thou vocals, iconic singer-songwriter Stevie Wonders puts the focus back on melodies and meaning. In 16 tracks does he demonstrate the compelling and effective force of classic, hook-strong songwriting even to younger audience if cast in up-to-date arrangements and augmented by collaborations with hip artists as India, Arie and Kim Burrell.

As if this thrust is not enough to herald Wonder as both master and maverick, he invokes thoughtful singing style that does not rely on just range and earthy vocals, but on sensitivity and sincerity, too. The result is forceful delivery of relevant messages that abounds with integrity.

Among these subjects are politics and environment ("A Time To Love" and "If Your Love Cannot Be Moved;" the last, we feel, a jab at President Clinton); putting life in macroscopic perspective ("Can’t Imagine Life Without You"); unconditional love ("From The Bottom Of My Heart"); and infidelity (‘Please Don’t Hurt My Baby"). "A Time To Love" is vision perfectly realized by heart. Stevie Wonder is enough to put the respect back in R&B.