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A Time To Love - Press Release

The Oklahoman

A Time to Love
Gene Triplett

Stevie Wonder delivers 15 new songs in his inimitable and indomitable key of life with his latest album, "A Time to Love," delivering his melodic messages of peace, hope, understanding and love with the help of a shining supporting cast of talented friends.

That's gospel star Kim Burrell's voice intertwining with Wonder's on "If Your Love Cannot Be Moved," a driving, orchestral wake-up call to everyone's social conscience; Sir Paul McCartney adding acoustic and electric guitar color to Wonder and India.

Arie's lilting duet on the rhythmically engaging title song; Prince "popping it" on guitar at Wonder's urging on the rolling R&B boil of "So What the Fuss"; Bonnie Raitt adding searing slide to the bluesy, harmonica-laced strut of "Tell Your Heart I Love You"; and Stevie's daughter Aisha Morris brightening things on backing vocals on the soulfully soaring "Positivity."

In the last track, the artist lays out his rule for living: "Some people ask me why always always on the bright side / When there's so much goin' down on the other side ... 'Cause that's what life's meant to be / Positivity / And that's the energy the world needs ..."

Musically speaking, Wonder is still one of our chief sources of such energy.