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A Time To Love - Press Release


Gail Mitchell
Friday October 14

Ever since 1976's "Songs in the Key of Life," Stevie Wonder's albums have been measured against that creative pinnacle. The often-delayed "A Time to Love" is not another "Songs," but still has much to savor. Revisiting a favorite subject, Wonder offers up a paean to love's various incarnations: between a man and woman, spiritual love, love for mankind. Wonder's key instrument, his distinctive voice, remains supple and pliant. Its elasticity is showcased to full effect on the jazzy "Moon Blue," in which he hits—and effortlessly sustains—a note most of his peers would skirt. His playful side remains intact on "The Sweetest Somebody I Know" and "My Love Is on Fire," as does his ear for colorful wordplay and phrasing on the funky "Please Don't Hurt My Baby": "I was blinded by sexsation," he sings. After a 10-year break, "Love" is a welcome return.