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A Time To Love - Press Release

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Stevie Wonder Pushes For A Time To Love On New Album

By Allen Starbury
Monday September 26

After over four decades of putting in work in the music industry, the great Stevie Wonder will be dropping yet another album to add to his already stellar catalog, entitled A Time To Love.

Like most of Wonder's music, his albums are meant to be timeless and that's what he has continued to do over the years.

"I really do seek to create music that is timeless," Stevie Wonder said in a statement. "Each project takes on its own life, and the songs from A Time To Love are the most appropriate for the statement I wanted to make."

The new album, which is being released on Motown Records, will include collaborations with India.Arie, gospel star Kim Burrell, Wonder's daughter Aisha Morris, Prince, and Paul McCartney among others.

With this new album, Wonder embraced the collaborative process with open arms and laid down no scheduling deadlines for the album's release, which helped him shape one his better albums to date, according to Motown.

"Stevie always has impeccable timing," Sylvia Rhone, President of Motown, Executive Vice President of Universal Motown, said in a statement. "The world is hungering more than ever right now for the kind of message only he can deliver. I speak for the entire Universal Music Group when I say nobody can illuminate our greatest hopes, soothe our deepest fears, and put us on the musical high road like Stevie Wonder."

Wonder has already released the album's first single and video, "So What The Fuss," which contained a second, descriptive audio track on the video recorded by Busta Rhymes, made accessible for people who are blind or have low vision. The innovative video description process was the first time a music artist enabled visually impaired music fans to experience key elements of a music video.

Winner of 21 Grammys and the prestigious Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, the musical genius has sold more than 70 million records worldwide and has won countless honors and awards throughout his career.

A Time To Love is slated for release on October 18..