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Stevie Wonder On 'What The Fuss' Single

Wed Mar 23,11:00 PM ET

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Stevie Wonder's new single, "What The Fuss," from his forthcoming album, A Time To Love, is gaining radio play at urban and urban adult stations across the country. Recently, Wonder explained the origin of the song.

Wonder said: " 'What The Fuss' really came from just, you know, a lot of things that we know are happening in the world and in this country and just in society in general."

The Grammy-winning singer and songwriter continued that the song is a somewhat satirical comment on the times: "You know, if we live in a time where every nation is fighting around the world and we can't all agree that peace is the way, then, you know, shame on us. Because ultimately we will get what we've not paid attention to. So I think really it's a song that just talks about some things. And sort of a sarcastic song, but then again not really, it's like, the seriousness of it. But yet, you know, if it matters to you, to me, to them, to us, then we'll do something about. And if it doesn't we won't. So what the fuss?"

A Time To Love, which is Wonder's first studio recording in 10 years, is due May 3.