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Give Me Time

Composed by L. Caston / Lila Hurtado
Produced & Arranged by Richard Rudolph

Tribute To Minnie Riperton

Minnie Riperton - Vocals
Stevie Wonder - Harmonica

In album: Love Lives Forever (1980)

Seconds pass so very fast
I was watching perfect time
Let me share each day with you
Love you thru the sands of time

Time is precious to so few
Love is rare and hard to find
Won’t you take this hand of mine
Love and spand the hands of time

Yes, time is a treasure that we cannot buy
Time measures a life and I don’t know why
My love, before I met you I could not give
Then you touched my heart
And you taught me to live
You are the sun, gentle and warm
You make my life complete
Give me time to show what you mean to me

Time is you, don’t you see
I need you to give me time
To show what you mean to me