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How Many Days?

Composed by Stevie Wonder
Produced & Arranged by Stevie Wonder

Buzzy Feiton - Guitar
Scott Gordon Edwards - Bass
Keith Copeland - Drums
Stevie Wonder - All Other Instruments

In album: Syreeta (1972)

How many years must a girl be lonely
Before she ever finds her goal
How many years must my heart be broken
Before you come home again
How many days must I stay here waiting
Why must I only touch you in my dreams
And how many nights must my eyes keep crying
Forever and ever it seems

With tender words you said you loved me
You said I touched you in your heart
But those were words to start a fire
Desire's gone without the spark
Chance's come but my love stays faithful
(Always) Trusting in one who caused me pain
How many years must my heart keep searching
To fall in love again