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Old Folks

Composed by D. L. Hill / W. Robinson
Produced & Arranged by C. Paul, W. Stephenson

Musicians - Funk Brothers and Stevie Wonder

In album: Workout Stevie, Workout (1963)

Everyone knows him as "old folks"
Like the seasons, he'll come and he'll go
Just as free as a bird, and as good as his word
That's why everybody loves him so

Always leaving his spoon in his coffee
Puts his napkin under his chin
And that yellow corn pipe,
It's so mellow, it's right
You needn't be ashamed of him

Every friday he'll go fishin'
Way down on buzzard's bay
But he only hooks a perch or two
"A whale got away..."
So so we warm up the steak, yeah

Someday there'll be no more old folks
What a lonely old world this'll be
Children's voices at play
Will be still for a day
The day they take old folks away