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Castles In The Sand

Composed by Frank Wilson / Hal Davis / Mack Gordon / Matt O'Brien
Produced & Arranged by H.Cosby and C.Paul

Musicians - Funk Brothers and Stevie Wonder

In album: Stevie At The Beach (1964)

On the beach where young lovers meet
You can see them there as they sit and build
Castles in the sand

Heavenly she's so heavenly
When she smiles at you
And she helps you build castles in the sand

The time comes when you stop pretending
For all dreams must come to an ending
Remember what happens to castles of sand
The sea will wash them away

And the beach where they used to meet
By the sand and sea waves have washed away

Castles in the sand
Castles in the sand
Where did they go
Castles in the sand
Tell me, where did they go
Castles in the sand
I wanna know where did they go