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The Miracles Of Christmas

Composed by Ron Miller
Produced & Arranged by Henry Cosby

Musicians - Funk Brothers and Stevie Wonder

In album: Someday at Christmas (1967)

La La La La...
Look, theres a loLlipop on the holly
And there?s a toy that pulls
Look, there?s a jingle bell in a dolly

It?s time I saw the miracles
Do you know, that mistletoe
Comes from the holly trees
And do you know, twelve below
Can make the snowman freeze

Do you know an Eskimo
Has ice upon his chin
Do you know that tippy-toe
Is Santa creeping in

La La La La...
Look, there?s a choo-choo train and a rocket
And there?s a bell that rings
Look, there?s a candy cane in your pocket
And so many wondrous things

Do you know, so Long ago
That Christmas had its start yeah
Even though there?s ice and snow
It melts the coldest heart

For when we pray on Christmas Day
A miracle was born, yeah
As we behold the ground is cold
But everyone is warm
Everyone is warm.