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The House On The Hill

Composed by A.Story / H.Gordy / L.Brown
Produced by Henry Cosby

Musicians - Funk Brothers and Stevie Wonder

In album: For once in my life (1968)

See that house, that house up on the hill
Let me tell you that's where my little darlin' live

Come late tonight I'll have a handful of rocks
And I know arm strength is strong enough
To make one hit the top

And if I do she'll come running out that room
(She'll come running out there)
She's gonna know that it is me, me, me, me
That's our signal, can't you see? Oh yeah, oh yeah

Oh what joy that house holds for me
That's why I stand here all night throwing rocks,
Can't you see?

Tryin' to get the attention of the girl I love
So she can be here with me under the stars above

And when I do
(When I do, when I do)
She'll come runnin' out that room
(She'll come runnin' out)
She's gonna know that it's Stevie, Stevie,
Stevie, St-St-Stevie

That's our signal, can't you see?
Oh yeah, hey hey hey

And I can see that girl runnin' down the hill
Me runnin' out to meet her, oh what a thrill
(When I see her face, moonlight in her hair)
When I see her face, moonlight in her hair

My heart beats fast because she's in my arms at last
Hey hey hey hey!

Y'all gotta see
(Y'all gotta see)
See that house, see that house up on the hill
(House up on the hill)

There's gonna be a wedding there, oh yes there will
(Oh yes there will, yeah baby)
This old arm of mine won't have to throw no more rocks

Because I'll have my cookie here with me all around the clock
(Have my cookie here)
And when I do we'll have happiness I bet you

She's gonna belong to me, me, me, me
We'll have a life of ecstasy, oh yeah, oh yeah
Just us two up on the hill
Everything's gonna be alright

Oh yeah yeah yeah

Everything's gonna be outta sight up there on the hill
Lovin', good lovin', sweet lovin', every single night