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Composed by Stevie Wonder / Henry Cosby / Sylvia Moy
Produced & Arranged by Henry Cosby, Clarence Paul

Musicians - Funk Brothers and Stevie Wonder

In album: Down To Earth (1966)

Whoa, oh, oh, yeah
Mmm, hmm Sylvia
You know you're getting to me now
Mmm, mmm, mmm, Sylvia
You gently touched my heart somehow

Yesterday you made me happy as a child at play
Just like the summer sun that warms my heart
And move on, now you are gone

Whoa, oh, oh, Sylvia
You're everything that I adore
That sweetest song, the kind that's haunted even more
Tenderly that's how you whisper that you loved me
As if a raindrop kissed my ear and disappeared
Now you are gone

Oh, oh, oh, yeah
You know I love my little Sylvia

Whoa, oh, oh, yeah
And yesterday I fell in love with you all the way
Tenderly you lit a spark here in my heart
Now you are gone

Mmm, hmm, Sylvia
I real genuinely miss Sylvia
I'm crazy 'bout ya, Sylvia
You know I love my little Sylvia