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True Love

Composed, Produced & Arranged by Stevie Wonder

Nathan Watts - Bass
Ricky Lawson - Drums
Mike Phillips - Saxophone
All Other Instruments - Stevie Wonder

In album: A Time To Love (2005)

True love, why'd you take so long?
Every time I though I'd found you
I was oh so wrong

True love, were you playing with my heart
Or me not trying to feel that
They weren't it from the start
I'd say yes I found you
And think maybe so
I'd say here's my love true
And feel are you sure?
But love is that feeling
Sharing no room with doubt
For I knew you were the key to my heart

Oh sweet love never go away
Let your love have us forever
To prove why we can't stay

True love, are you saying touch‚
Let us live as perfect lovers
With a promise for always