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Tears In Vain

Composed by Clarence Paul
Produced & Arranged by Clarence Paul

Musicians - Funk Brothers and Stevie Wonder

In album: The Complete Motown Singles, Vol. 4 (2006 - Song recorded 1964)

I don't want to love you
But I do
And I just can't help it

You bring me happiness
And then pain
Are these nights I spend
Crying over you really worth it
Really really really really worth it
Or am I shedding tears in vain

You know every guy has to have
Someone she can depend on
Someone to trust in
And I depend on you day by day
It's always been that way

When you kiss me
Tears of joy I shed
Makes me wonder
Really really makes me wonder
Wonder am I shedding tears in vain

Makes me wonder am I
Shedding tears in vain
Tears in vain