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This Little Girl

Composed by Eddie Holland, Henry Cosby, William Stephenson
Produced & Arranged by Clarence Paul

Musicians - Funk Brothers and Stevie Wonder

In album: The Complete Motown Singles, Vol. 4 (2006 - Song recorded 1963)

This little girl
Got my head in a whirl
Got me so mixed up inside
Everytime she struts by

She makes me feel like a mama's gone
And this feeling I feel alone
Everytime she holds my hands
I get a feeling I don't understand

I get this feeling when she talks
I get the same feeling when she walks

I'm in love
And it's really alright now

Clap your hands

You maybe young, you maybe old
But when a love gets down
In your soul
It makes you wanna shout, owh
It makes you wanna clap your hands, yeah

Come on, come on

My heart says loy, loy, loy

It's love this time
And a feeing down in my heart
That's about to tear me apart
Yeah it's alright, yeah, yeah

This little girl
Yes she got me where she wants me
She got me where she wanst me
And I like it like that, yeah, yeah