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7. Does Love for One Another Have To End

Stevie Wonder & SyreetaBy this time Steve's life was undergoing other changes. His marriage with Syreeta was on the rocks. Their life together was becoming troubled and difficult. She's a Leo, and I'm a Taurus, and, phew, that's like putting two sticks of dynamite together! Though it eventually ended in divorce, they would still work closely together. Stevie wrote the song 'Cause We've Ended As Lovers which was later included on a Syreeta album. The lyrics related some of his thoughts on the divorce: 'Cause we've ended now as lovers
Does it mean that we each other can't be friends
Cause we've ended now as lovers
Does our love for one another have to end

The first single culled from Music of My Mind was Superwoman. The album track was really two songs cleverly merged into one, Superwoman and Where Were You When I Needed You. The former tells of a love going sour because of the ambitions of two persons, pulling the relationship in different directions. And the latter a seperation and desperate plea to mend an inevitable break up. The other song released as a single was Keep On Running. Neither fared very well on the charts, but they were tasters for great things to come.

Alongside his work on Music of My Mind, Stevie also produced an album entitled, Syreeta, for Syreeta. Containing 9 songs 7 written by Stevie and Syreeta, one, What Love Has Joined Together by Smokey Robison, and the Beatles' She's Leaving Home. In addition to doing most of the instrumentation, he also sang the intro verse on To Know You Is To Love You. An excellent album illustrating Stevie's new found freedom and blossoming use of the synthesizers.
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Stevie's follow up album to Music of My Mind was soon in coming. It was evident that Stevie had accumulated many songs during his recording stint working on Music of My Mind, and six months after this, Talking Book was ready for the world. The cover photo on Talking Book is of a reflective Stevie sitting on an arid hillside. A very poignant picture taken by Robert Margoulef.

Talking Book is a more finished album than Music of My Mind. It manages to maintain the high vitality of that record while cutting back on the jiving around.

The sum total is a tight, hard-hitting, solidly professional product which went platinum. It was as if, with the first flush of freedom over, Stevie could now relax into full artistic control. The spontaneity had always been there; what he had found now was a little more self-discipline. The album begins with the lovely You Are The Sunshine Of My Life and ends with the endearing I Believe (When I Fall In Love). In between we have slices of funk, ballad, social commentary and jazz.

Superstition was the first single taken from the album. A very hard hitting funky number criticizing those people who are dictated to by such beliefs because

When you believe in things that you don't understand
Then you suffer.

Lucidly he points out how self-destructive superstition and ignorance are. Superstition made it all the way to the top of the charts. This was soon to be followed by You Are The Sunshine of My Life.

If you happen to have a copy of the first pressing of Talking Book, and if you know how to read Braille, you can touch Stevie's own words about the record: Here is my music. It is all that I have to tell you how I feel. Know that your love keeps my love strong - Stevie.